* currently playing your favourite jrock hits *
For those of you who are already familar with all those jrock songs.. treat it like your usual radio station you tune in to ^^
If you're new and would like to listen to more jrock music... turn in for a large variety of jrock music, from indies to major... ^^ This is a 24/7 radio station ^^
Live broadcast and requests in the evenings(GMT +8)
This is a new station and I haven't really plan what's gonna be in, normally I don't restrict the songs to be played on the station, it can be some jpop, an english alternative rock, a Britney Spear's hit single, or a chinese pop, maybe even songs in other languages like French, Korean etc.. Info Updates>>
Request for songs or artistes are welcome, and best of all it's not restricted to jrock only, the only drawback is I must have the song ^^; For requests/dedications or if you have original works/would like to introduce a some songs, please visit the bbs. The song has to be in mp3 format and for best results, be encoded in min. 128bits/44hz. Remember to include your name for credit purpose.
Requirements : You'll need a winamp player (download) and an internet connection.
JRoCK AReNa's Radio Station >>
Please note : This is a non-profit radio station that serves the purpose of promoting music and entertainment. It is FREE for all to join. If you have problems accessing the station/comments etc, email me/BBS. Best viewed with IE, 800x600. Help